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Every year, Roofing Contractor Magazine puts together a list of the best roofers in America. While all the companies on this list excel at their jobs and provide quality service to customers, each company has its own unique way of standing out from among the rest.

By carefully selecting employees that were committed to quality workmanship, respectful treatment of others, and pride in their work, Cornbread has maintained its reputation as one of the top roofers in the nation.

RestoreMaster Contracting from Ardmore, Oklahoma specializes in metal roofing, TPO roofing, shingle, tile and all other types of roofing systems. Its team of highly trained technicians uses a three-step approach to each job: preparation, installation, and finishing. The company’s dedication to providing the best possible service has helped it become one of the most successful roofers in America.

Recently recognized for other awards, RestoreMasters services are in high demand. From its efficient approach to every project, the company has earned customer appreciation awards for six years in a row.

Although they deal with some of the harshest weather conditions in the nation, they specialize in quality workmanship and dedication to their customers. The owners came from a long history of roofing and sheet metal work and know their business. The company’s excellence in service has garnered them awards as one of the top roofers in America.

During one of many heavy storms in Texas during 2013, the company worked with customers who experienced a massive amount of damage to their stock. When they arrived on site, water was strewn about from leaks that had been covered up by insulation and other items.

In order to get an accurate estimate of how much work would be needed to get this company back on its feet, a complete evaluation would have to take place. This would mean going on the roof and inspecting every square inch of material, along with getting access to the areas that were blocked off so as not to employees or customers. A complete water damage restoration was needed, which includes a round out of the company’s resources on what they do, how best to manage it cost effectively, and what it means for their customers.

As the roofers started on the evaluation, they quickly realized how extensive the damages were. As rain had come into contact with insulation and other areas that should have been weatherproofed, there was mold growing on nearly every inch of the roofing system. The team needed to act fast before any more damage could be done, so the owner of the company called Water Damage Local for help on this huge job.

This was a difficult project that presented many more challenges than just restoring their stock. Since they did not have the funds to take care of the water damage restoration themselves, they needed to find someone who would work with them to complete this quickly and efficiently.

Although most roofers had extensive experience with roofing and sheet metal work, they do not have much experience with water restoration and mold removal. That’s why property owners love RestoreMasters.